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Award-winning consultancy led by Chief Strategist/CEO, LaVerne Daley; headquartered in South Florida and operating with a select network of strategic partners, clients, support associates, and expert consultants worldwide. We help small business leaders, emerging nations, corporate innovators, expansion strategists, government analysts, community developers, and creative trailblazers develop & implement innovative growth strategies to meet multi-layered personal performance and business expansion goals.

“Your Life, No Borders” embodies our core belief that life without limits is A RIGHT for all people. This drives our goals, reflects our values, and shapes our mission.

Why L Global?

Our carefully crafted growth strategies incorporate your vision and goals with our uniquely immersive worldview of untapped opportunities, in achievable timelines. Heavily researched opportunity markets are validated by L Global leadership personally and by carefully vetted, highly regarded expert strategic partners who live and fluently speak the “culture language” of the region/country(ies) served. We understand that proper alignment of vision, infrastructure, engagement, opportunity, capital, and market culture is central to successful expansion strategies. Are you on track to exceed both business and personal growth plans? Do you have a strategic plan? Do your leaders, associates, strategic partners, and external ambassadors seek out new ways to carry out your mission, enhance your client experience and serve as a force for positive change? If you’re not sure or you feel you can improve in any of these areas, Talk with us!

Partnership Strategy

Global partnerships are a foundational element of our successful growth strategies. We travel almost anywhere to help you grow. An innovation support team proactively researches global opportunities across sectors we serve to help deliver well-integrated, scalable solutions.

Sustainable Impact

L Global solutions are designed with community care in mind. Kindness is a core value. We believe local community building and global business expansion successes can happen simultaneously and are inextricably linked.

Immersive Inclusion

Immersive Inclusion goes beyond Diversity & Inclusion concepts. For us, it is not just a good idea, we actively build D & I principles into growth strategies for our clients. Diversity of thought is at the heart of innovation and we know innovation powers growth’s engine.

Services We Provide

We offer four core services in these areas: Sales and Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Customer Experience, Operations, Organization, Strategic Planning and Market Research, Leadership, Business Transformation, Learning Development.


We guide and support business expansion the development of people and organizations through a variety of methods designed to enhance engagement, performance, brand recognition, and revenue. Learn More.

Executive Coaching

Are you a business leader who dreams of better ways to align your business goals to the different aspects of your life, such as your home life, relationships, career, spirituality, health, legacy, and personal growth? Learn More.

Expert Witness

Brand recognition translates to significant sometimes immeasurable market value. Brand identity is inextricably linked to how customers first see you then decide if they should buy from you. It is costly and complicated to produce an identity that speaks clearly with messaging that resonates, globally. Learn More.

Public Speaking

Inform. Engage. Motivate. Inspire to Action! High impact messages delivered worldwide across cultures, geographies, and to audiences at varying levels of expertise, in all areas where we offer consulting services. Learn More.

Let Us Help You Grow Your Business

See our specialty areas and industries.
We leverage across sectors to help you meet your goals.

Meet Our Strategists

L Global’s growth strategists and support associates- an intentional combination of seasoned consultants, millennial advisors & rotating apprentices bring deep subject matter expertise creatively doused with fresh perspectives.

LaVerne Daley

LaVerne Daley


Nancy Krauss

Nancy Krauss

Learning Leader

Joel Smith

Joel Smith

Non-Profit Accelerator

Deborah Whitehouse

Deborah Whitehouse

Life Changer

Jessica Tabbert

Jessica Tabbert

Events Leader

Jeffrey Wilk

Jeffrey Wilk

Communications Maven

Brenda Morrison

Brenda Morrison

Public Service Liaison

Nancy Falco

Nancy Falco

Project Coordinator/Italy

Palak Setia

Palak Setia

Marketing Coordinator

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

Leadership Coach

Lakythia Ferby-Weigel

Lakythia Ferby-Weigel

Workforce Transformer

Hyacinth Harley

Hyacinth Harley

Social Impact Futurist

Global Partnerships

  • USA
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Serbia
  • UK
  • Rwanda
  • Ghana
  • Senegal
  • Nigeria
  • Israel

Are you an influential leader in an emerging region? Contact us. We would love to speak with you.

Communities Matter

A Positive World Impact is our ultimate goal. It fuels and informs our business strategies. We believe economies thrive when legacy-building business leaders understand the value of doing well while doing good. A growing enterprise should facilitate the dreams of all participants while simultaneously providing positive exponential impact ripples throughout communities. Let’s do well together. Our social enterprise business model simply means we commit to returning a percentage of net revenues directly to communities where we do business, in any of these 4 areas of community development:

•Leadership & Entrepreneurship for Women  •Arts & Culture Access for All  •Sustainability  •Education

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