Consulting Service


L Global Service starts with a conversation about you then we work to learn as much as possible about your business goals. To understand your organization’s needs—which could range anywhere across the business and human performance spectrums—you will be connected with one of our Growth Consultants who will assess your needs, recommend and design a plan for meeting them. At our initial in depth consultation, we aim to gain a thorough understanding of your vision, structure, challenges and resources.
Getting to know you and your organization enables us to effectively design custom strategies that have impact!
A range of deliverables and consulting services that align with your mission/vison can be created: For example, the cultivation of brand ambassadorship that embodies your corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics; social media integration any way you define it i.e. whether you want to integrate social media into your marketing strategy or you want to integrate social media on your website; branding to create a solid and memorable translation of what your organization stands for and what you believe in.
Initial organizational needs assessment may include life plan assessments depending on your goals. We have found they serve as a useful tool to inform strategy development of corporate growth solutions.

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Why L Global?

We understand that sustained engagement is critical to a satisfied life and essential to business expansion. We believe a high level of engagement at every life stage is the pathway...