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Imagine having access to the best tools and resources right at your fingertips with just a click? Imagine also, having your own personal life coach to work with – one that suits your budget and schedule? That means you choose how much and when you need them, simply by asking? Impossible? No.
L Global offers Growth Coaches to work with you one on one for business, lifestyle and career guidance. We provide you with resources to improve your life and change your career with tailored life plan assessments and development plan, offered separately and in all coaching packages.To understand where you want to go you must understand who you are, what your goals are, and how will you get there!
The life plan assessment can serve as the first step towards that understanding. Coaching to create the life development plan will keep you going until you reach that place where you enjoy work and life, find your purpose and feel completely satisfied with yourself!
We provide caring experts who coach in a safe environment using positive psychology and behavior/action based models - models based on current knowledge in brain and motivational sciences.
L Global offers mind, body, spirit motivational information in an engaged format online- and at no cost. If you choose not to work with a lifestyle coach one on one, you will certainly benefit from the online format and all the great resources that can be found here!
At L Global, we coach and consult to change the world, one GREAT person or company, at a time.

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Why L Global?

We understand that sustained engagement is critical to a satisfied life and essential to business expansion. We believe a high level of engagement at every life stage is the pathway...