Careers Service


L Global Career experts source for career opportunities in alignment with your assessed life plan goals. We help ensure that your education and work choices will be life changing over the course of your career. Using your custom life plan and interview we work with you to identify and refer you to the right industry and/or career for sustained engagement throughout your work life. Career Seekers: Get started with the first step in a highly engaged career! Your L Career Consultant will get you connected with your Coach on your Life Plan Assessment and Coaching review. Hiring Managers gladly seek out L Global candidates because they want highly engaged top performers who are well aligned in their personal life goals to delight customers, further corporate expansion initiatives and significantly lower turnover margins.
Employers: L Global candidates are not looking for a job. They understand their Life Plan and are proactively seeking a career conversation with you. Their screening goes well beyond job matching and interviewing as our Life Plan assesses the likelihood of a long-term career match within your organization.

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Why L Global?

We understand that sustained engagement is critical to a satisfied life and essential to business expansion. We believe a high level of engagement at every life stage is the pathway...