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Why L Global?

We are Growth Strategists. We help align your business strategies and operating infrastructure to meet your vision and revenue goals. We understand that sustained engagement is a critical component to living a satisfied life and essential to business expansion. We believe a high level of engagement, at every life stage, is the pathway. High-performing organizations are made of high-performing people whose objectives/roles are well aligned with business goals. Are you on track to exceed both your business and personal growth plans? Do you have a strategic plan? Do your leaders, associates, strategic partners, and external advisors seek out new ways to carry out your mission, enhance your client experience and serve as a force for positive change? If you’re not sure or you feel you can improve in any of these areas, Talk with us!

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What we do best?

"Your Life, No Borders"
Embodies Our Core Belief That Life Without Limits Is Your Right
This Drives Our Goals, Reflects Our Values And Shapes Our Mission


Take a moment to look at all the different aspects of your life, such as your home life, business life, relationships, career, spirituality, health and growth opportunities. Read More...


We support the development of people and organizations through a variety of methods designed to enhance engagement, performance, brand recognition and revenue. Strategic integration of vision to people and processes is central to our methodology. Read More...


Ensure your education, personal and work choices are well aligned now, and over the course of your career. Read More...

Meet Our Strategists

L Global’s team of Growth Strategists are Seasoned Business Consultants, Millennial Advisors, Certified Coaches & Career Branding Professionals, leaders in their communities and experts in their respective fields.

LaVerne Daley


Nancy Krauss

Learning Leader

Joel Smith

Non-Profit Accelerator

Deborah Whitehouse

Life Changer

Jessica Tabbert

Events Leader

Jeffrey Wilk

Communications Maven

Craig Smith

Visuals Designer

What People Are Saying

We Take Pleasure In Making You Smile

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with LaVerne Daley on a number of occasions in both business and philanthropic endeavors. Her consulting has helped to not only grow my business but make me more time efficient as well. She is a charismatic speaker in any size setting. She is strategic, free-thinking, and creative.

Josh Renick

US Trust

I have worked with LaVerne for several years representing my organization in community leadership roles. LaVerne has a keen skill for strategy; using available resources and innovatively recognizing resources through strategic partnerships. LaVerne Daley is a strategic leader who delivers, a valuable team member and superb to work with.

Shirley Toliver


LaVerne and her team are the very personification of competence in Business expansion, Brand Development, and Business Strategy. My company, Miami Web Fest, operates a major annual event serving participants each year from over 50 countries, including the US. Additionally, we directly operate several local events and partner with others.

The key to success in this is the ability to innovate and strategize by leveraging key relationships and providing value to multiple market segments simultaneously. Effective strategic analysis and implementation have been absolutely critical to our ongoing success. LaVerne has been absolutely critical in this process, providing strategic guidance ranging from the most elemental to the profoundly complex. In literally every case, LaVerne's "WE WIN TOGETHER" attitude, stellar leadership skills, polished presentation style and exceptional business acumen has led to ideal solutions to complex business challenges resulting in levels of professional success that even I could not have predicted so soon after working with her. LaVerne is a treasure and her company L Global is an outstanding asset for any growing professional organization, which is why it is my pleasure to give my highest recommendation.

Bryan Thompson

Miami Web Fest

LaVerne and her team work with my company to develop and implement growth strategies. She has already added tremendous value that better aligns with our vision, goals and operating needs. We are excited to work with her to tweak our operating model and guide us on additional marketing initiatives.

Jose Fortunato

Covert Services Group

I recently navigated into, through and out of a complex business situation. Aided by the Executive Coaching service I received at L Global, I was able to navigate strategically, with grace, with good feelings, and with a WIN! Can't thank them enough.

Lillian Taylor


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